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           Great Wall Rubber Group is a retired military personnel as the main body, the militarization of the management of the implementation of a modern enterprise group. Companys production base is located in east Beijing, Beijing-Qinhuangdao railway north, the south side of State Road 102, west of Beijing 20 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport 60 kilometers, 100 kilometers away from Tianjin port, excellent geographical location and convenient transportation.  Companys existing staff of 2820, consists of two research institutes: the "Beijing Xin......           【 More

            Welcome to visit the Great Wall Rubber Group Jinan branch site, the company mainly engaged in: rubber sheet series; conveyor belt series; rubber pipes, air pipe series; anti-corrosion lining series; guided, anti-static series; polymer waterproof material series; Modified Asphalt rubber anti-corrosion lining; polyurethane plastic brick series; PVC pipe series and special rubber sheet series. Looking forward to new and old customers come to discuss cooperation.
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