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           Great Wall Rubber Group is a retired military personnel as the main body, the militarization of the management of the implementation of a modern enterprise group. Companys production base is located in east Beijing, Beijing-Qinhuangdao railway north, the south side of State Road 102, west of Beijing 20 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport 60 kilometers, 100 kilometers away from Tianjin port, excellent geographical location and convenient transportation.  Companys existing staff of 2820, consists of two research institutes: the "Beijing Xin Wan Friends of the Rubber & Plastics Institute of Technology" and "Great Wall Rubber & Plastics Research Institute"; consists of more than a dozen branches of production, the main products are: rubber sheet series; conveyor belt series; rubber pipes, air pipe series; anti-corrosion lining series; guided, anti-static series; polymer waterproof material series, the modified bitumen membrane series; PVC series; and special rubber series.

           Great Wall Rubber Groups strong, scientific research and powerful, the company has an annual output of 50 million square meters and 80,000 meters water stop waterproofing ability. The company has passed ISO9001 quality certification system authentication, and building waterproof material has passed the quality certification of Beijing-based United Co., Ltd. Certification. Have the best product quality testing equipment. Hebei Province has been appraised as "Quality Star Enterprise", the state quality monitoring and Quarantine Bureau awarded the "Product Quality Trustworthy Unit." The company is now building China Waterproof Materials Association. Companies adhere to development is of overriding corporate philosophy, adhere to science and technology are primary productive force, insist on quality first, reputation first, service first-class business ideas, and innovative. The company Shougang to develop and produce high-temperature conveyor belt to replace the imported products; developed anti-static Conductive rubber sheet of the "Outstanding New Product" title; to make the company's scientific and technological content of products has always been to maintain or ahead of the industry??s advanced level. Company in 2001 passed the ISO international quality system certification, import and export qualification in 2003 gained its independence, successive years as the financial system at the provincial level "AAA" grade credit enterprise, provincial-level "key with the trustworthy" unit, at the provincial level "brand-name products "provincial" Star Enterprise "and so on. Great Wall Rubber Group always adhere to "customer first, quality first" principle, is willing to similar products in the more favorable prices, but also superior quality, more efficient way to provide customers with more perfect service. Wang Wan-you, Comrade President on several occasions by leaders at all levels of recognition and awards, and was awarded the national first batch of 100 outstanding entrepreneurs in the title of veterans, and the honor of being the party and state leaders Jiang Zemin and other cordially received and have won the outstanding servant of the people , 51 model workers, star entrepreneurs, outstanding party workers, etc. title of honor.

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